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Refer Software Developers, Business Analysts, Testing Engineers, and all other kinds of IT specialists to our global remote work program - EPAM Anywhere, and receive bonus payments for each referral plus extra bonuses for your great performance.

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Anywhere Referral rates

Middle specialist = US$650-1,200

Right after candidate's successful hiring

Senior specialist = US$1,000-2,000

Right after candidate's successful hiring

Lead specialist = US$1,400-2,800

Right after candidate's successful hiring

Rare skill = US$1,700-3,400

Right after candidate's hiring

Extra bonuses!

+ US$50 for each job offer made to your candidates, no matter accepted or not

Why Anywhere Referral

Anywhere Referral is a platform through which you can refer IT talents to remote jobs at EPAM Anywhere and receive a bonus payment. With Anywhere Referral, you earn significant financial bonuses for referring IT talents to fill hundreds of open positions across an increasing number of eligible countries.


Hundreds of open positions

There are hundreds of open jobs for specialists in the most popular technology stacks.


Just refer

All you need to do is refer your candidate for an open job. We handle everything else.


Full payment right after candidate’s hiring

Receive your full bonus payment immediately after your referred candidate is hired.


Failed probation is not your problem

You don’t have to search for a replacement if your candidate fails to pass probation.


Extra bonuses available

Receive an extra bonus for your first referral and additional bonuses for excellent referral performance.


No income limit

Manage your earnings the way you choose! With Anywhere Referral, you decide how many candidates to recommend, and how much to earn.

FR Why you’ll love working with usFR Why you’ll love working with us

How it works

Refer candidates for open jobs and get your money. Easy.

FR Easy workflow

You refer candidates

Refer a candidate for an appropriate position based on their experience and skills. Double-check that your candidate is not already participating in an active hiring process at EPAM.

We evaluate and hire them

We confirm that the candidate’s profile meets the position requirements, conduct our standard interviews, and kick off the hiring process.

You get paid

You receive your full payment or a payment plus an extra bonus immediately after your candidate’s first day at EPAM Anywhere.


Anywhere Referral lets you refer all kinds of IT talents to fill hundreds of open positions at EPAM Anywhere and earn financial bonuses with no limits.

Dmitry Mikitich, General Manager Anywhere Referral

Join individually or bring in the whole team

Are you an individual recruiter, referrer, team, or do you just want to refer a friend? We provide access to hundreds of open jobs at EPAM Anywhere, and you earn hefty bonuses by referring IT talents.

Individual referrers

Join our Anywhere Referral platform to refer IT talents whenever you have the time - we’re constantly hiring thousands of talents in all the technology stacks. You are welcome to participate whether you want to provide a high volume of referrals, or simply an occasional referral.


Have a team with years of experience of working together? Bring it to Anywhere Referral and get a nice extra bonus! Contact us to discuss the terms.

Make money with no limits

Join Anywhere Referral, refer IT talents from all technology domains, and make money! Want to learn more? Leave your contact details and we’ll reach out to you.

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Why specialists choose EPAM Anywhere

EPAM Anywhere welcomes IT specialists from all technology stacks to join global projects, access unique career growth opportunities, and receive a substantial corporate benefits package. While working 100% remotely.

Competitive pay rates

We constantly monitor global IT market and offer the most competitive pay rates to you.


Stable income

We guarantee long-term assignments, stable workload, and regular compensation.


600+ communities

Network, learn new skills, or stand out as a speaker joining one of our professional tech and non-tech communities.


Social protection

We take care of your official work status, law-compliant earnings, and all the related legal issues.


Unlimited career growth

Turbocharge your career with free certification opportunities, personalized career development and mentorship programs.


Variety of clients

Become part of most innovative projects for clients from Fortune 2000 companies to emerging startups.


Free learning

Depending on your location, you can access EPAM’s internal learning platform, training programs, LinkedIn Learning, language courses, and more.


Anywhere club benefits

Make use of many corporate benefits right after passing General and Technical interviews.

Key facts about EPAM Anywhere

Over 3,000 IT professionals across many technology stacks have already joined EPAM Anywhere. The platform is currently available in 16+ countries and we’re adding locations regularly, so stay tuned!








A map that shows EPAM Anywhere's eligible locationsA map that shows EPAM Anywhere's eligible locations

Industries with complex tech challenges Anywhere referral

Deepen your experience and increase your market value by referring real technology experts to complex projects across all types of industries.

  • financial-services-flat.svg
    Financial Services
  • software-flat.svg
    Software & Hi-Tech
  • business-information-flat.svg
    Business Information Services
  • retail-flat.svg
    Retail & Distribution
  • energy-flat.svg
    Energy & Utilities
  • automotive-flat.svg
  • media-flat.svg
    Media, Entertainment & Telecom
  • travel-flat.svg
    Travel & Hospitality
  • life-sciences-flat.svg
    Life Sciences
  • healthcare-flat.svg
  • insurance-flat.svg

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